We have all heard the age-old saying “Laughter is the best medicine”.  I’ve heard my nanna say it, I’ve heard my mother day it, I’ve heard so many people say it over the years.  We must never take ancient wisdom for granted!  There are now so many scientific studies proving the health benefits of regular laughter to improve happiness, health and longevity.

When Dr. K. created Laughter Yoga all those years ago, he started with a laughter club where everyone told jokes to make each other laugh, but it lasted only two weeks and everyone got bored with telling jokes.

Then something amazing happened.  Dr. K. decided to use the concept of fake laughter, and the fake laughter became contageous.  When you practice fake laughter, the next person laughs at the person who is making the fake laughter because they look so silly!   Before you know it, everyone in the room is laughing with real laughter because everyone looks so silly making the fake laughter!

Now to the science of it – it’s now proven that fake laughter is no different to the effect on your brain.  The brain produces the same amount of feel-good chemical named Seratonin, no matter if you are making fake laughter or laughing for real.  That’s right – the brain cannot detect the difference between real laughter and fake laughter and releases just as much Seratonin for the fake laughter as it does for real laughter.

There is nothing better than Seratonin naturally created by your own brain, to make you feel happier!   Of course there are a lot more scientific benefits of laughter Yoga which are now proven over the many years since its inception.  You will learn many of these things when you attend a laughter Yoga session for the first time.

Ha ha ha – ho ho ho – ha ha ha!