Certified 1-Day LY Basic Learning Course

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At Laughter Yoga Academy, we offer the following training Accredited with Laughter Yoga International:

A fun-filled introduction to the science, practice and application of Laughter Yoga for self, family & friends and other non-professional use.

If you wish to teach Laughter Yoga to paying clients, you may progress to the 2-day Laughter Yoga Leader Training on completion of this 1-day Basic Learning Course.

Pre-requisites:  A willingness to laugh for no reason.

You Will Discover

This inspiring 1-day Basic Laughter Yoga Training will include:

  • Differences between the Basic Learning Course and Certified Leader Training.
  • Five Reasons Why We Need to Laugh More Today.
  • What is laughter yoga? Why is it an ideal delivery system to obtain physical, mental, and emotional benefits?
  • Plenty of practice to perfect your laughing!
  • Latest laughter exercises to feel healthy and happy.
  • The three key reasons will change your attitude toward laughter!
  • Why laughter yoga is superior to humor, jokes, and comedy!
  • Learn Signature Laughter Yoga Pose for Sustained and Hearty Laughter, that produces rapid physiological changes.
  • A variety of new laughter exercises will stimulate your laughter muscles.
  • Cultivating the Four Elements of Joy: Singing, Dancing, Playing, and Laughing.
  • What is the link between laughter and yoga?
  • Learn a basic Yoga Nidra, a powerful relaxation technique that promotes efficiency and well-being.
  • Get your body oxygenated with these five breathing-based laughter exercises.
  • Genuine vs. Voluntary Laughter and what it means for your health.
  • Discover the theory of the mirror neuron to learn more about why laughter is contagious.
  • Learn the New Laugh and Dance Party: Integrate Aerobic-Style Dancing with Laughter Exercises learning including the steps to the all-time popular Bollywood laughter yoga dance music.
  • Take your laughter muscles to the next level with a variety of new laughter exercises.
  • Discover how and why Laughter Yoga can assist with Depression, Anxiety, and Chronic Illnesses Like Cancer, Diabetes and Hypertension.
  • Laughter Yoga as a Personal Development Program:
  • Develop your self-confidence and communication skills.
  • Laughing during challenging times and living life to the fullest.
  • Plus of course Lots of Laughter Practice!
  • Laugh your way to better health with the 40-Day Laughter Challenge!


€150 for 1 day / 7 hours in-person training.  Includes workshop manual and Certificate of Completion from Laughter Yoga Academy..


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